"Imagination is the beginning of creation"


A seed

Everything starts in our mind... We see something that triggers our thoughts in our surroundings, and we keep it stored. It's like a tiny seed that's been planted in our head. From that moment on, something has changed. During the next hours, days and weeks, this little thing will pop up regularly in your thoughts. While walking around in the city, meeting friends, reading stuff, looking around and so on, other things that could relate to that seed, will trigger your mind all the time.

The garden

Then there comes a moment, when you least expect it, while you're chilling in the sofa, or sitting with your eyes closed by the sea, or very often right after you just woke up, suddenly you will see the complete picture: an entire garden with plants and flowers, trees, grass, playing children, animals etc... and you will feel a "Eureka!" moment! It dawns on you that the seed has grown into something big, unique and amazing.

A life changing passion

This is basically what happens when a client comes up to me with an idea. "I'm starting a business and I would like to have a nice logo and website". My first question is usually: "what colours are you thinking of, and is there an object or idea that you already have in mind?". When I get the answers to those questions, my mind is triggered. Because those are my seeds! From that moment on, my life has changed too. I will continue my life, with those thoughts in my mind. I will be daily triggered throughout the things I do in my life and after a while I will come at that point where I design the garden in my head, which eventually will be created by myself. That is my imagination that turns into a unique creation. When work meets passion: that's MirArte.

MirArte creations

Mirar is Spanish for "looking" and arte is Spanish for "art". So it basically means "looking at art". MirArte stands for unique creations; in the form of graphic designs of any kind such as invitations, logo's, business cards, flyers, graphics to support presentations, texts, ..., but also the creation of websites, copywriting of texts, and even organizing events or thinking out marketing strategies.



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