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What our customers say about us

Natalie from MirArte is the first (web) designer and marketeer I have encountered who:

1. Marries webdesign with commercial thinking: I now have a good looking site that actually compels my visitors and not merely entertains them.

2. Carries my suggestions towards changes through within a minimum of time. Businesses are living things and, as they grow, things change. These changes have to be communicated to your (potential) clients. Consequently, your website has to be a living thing. At MirArte, they keep up with the communication of the changes in my business.

3. Runs a lean - and therefore affordable - and highly professional operation. Kitchen-table webdesigners have disappointed me with their quality. Flash looking agencies have overcharged me. All I can say is that MirArte consistantly under-promises and over-delivers.

MirArte is the right choice to handle the marketing of your business.

Jens Oomes

CEO, Invisible Crew

When I first viewed the new site Natalie had designed for us I genuinely couldn't find anything I didn't like.

She was professional throughout the whole process and completely took on board my brief of what we wanted.

Everything was taken care of from start to finish by her and we had no downtime at all between old and new.

I'm also delighted that she is keen to stay involved and continue to make sure our company gets near the top of Google searches and that the site continues to perform as it should.

Andrew Fairbrass

CEO, Sentinel Yachting


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